Posted by: Jae | May 8, 2011

“Motherhood statements”

Earlier this evening I was packing my luggage in preparation for my school trip tomorrow to England. I wanted to bring shoe bags and I know I brought a couple from Manila. I decided to check the maleta I used coming here, in case they were hidden in one of the many deep pockets. My search unearthed a tiny pouch filled with what felt from the outside like fridge magnets. I opened the pouch and found these:

My Mom made them for me, slipped them unobtrusively into my luggage and it lay in the dark crevices of my Samsonite until tonight, the eve of Mother’s Day.

I remember what she called them as she slipped them into the bag: Motherhood statements.

Thank you Mama for your wit. And for your love.



  1. kaloka.

  2. so, naging mule ka pala without knowing? hehe

  3. I remember meeting your mom for the first time at your place. She was really sweet and she left that lasting impression on me. She IS someone who would do such a thing. Plus I really feel that she’s proud of you.

  4. sweetness 🙂

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